Eden Luxury Homes – offering the best of luxury accommodation across the world and closer to home!

Whilst the luxury hotels sector may have a fairly high public profile, the same can’t be said of the luxury rentals industry. If you would like a holiday to remember but don’t want to be tied to the rules and regulations of a hotel, Eden Luxury Homes (www.edenluxuryhomes.com) might have what you’re looking for.

This company takes the stress out of holiday rentals with a stringent system of checks performed by local representatives on all properties. In fact, most properties which apply to join the Eden Luxury Homes portfolio don’t actually make the cut due to the demanding standards set by the firm. This ensures that you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy a holiday in gorgeous accommodation located in any number of stunning locations around the world. There is a particularly good selection of properties in various European vacation playgrounds such as Ibiza, http://ibiza.edenluxuryhomes.com/ and Provence (click on the picture below to view more rentals in the south of France.) An added bonus in booking with Eden Luxury Homes is the range of concierge-style services also available: butlers, chefs, chauffeurs and more…

The Mas Grey luxury Provence rental boasts beautifully-landscaped grounds

Source: http://edenluxuryhomes.com/