The little patch by DBV-Technologies that’s causing a stir in the world of allergy treatment!

French firm DBV-Technologies ( has created a lot of excitement recently with its simple yet smart solutions to allergy treatment. The company has developed a whole range of adhesive patches which may be adapted to tackle various allergies. One of the most dangerous allergies is peanut allergy, which causes hundreds of fatalities each year. So it’s not surprising that on you can read about the development programme for the Viaskin® Peanut patch.

The Viaskin® patch

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All Viaskin® patches operate in the same way. They contain very small amounts of an allergen in powder form, which is then released into the patient’s body through the skin. This is facilitated by a number of technological innovations, including a condensation chamber and a titanium backing. The major medical advantage to this approach is that it avoids introducing allergens directly into the bloodstream. Instead, they find their way into the highly-tolerogenic Langerhans cells in the epidermis. This greatly reduces the risk of any kind of severe allergic reaction occurring during the treatment. The Viaskin® patch pictured below has also been developed in cow’s milk protein form.