Superb French furniture created by expert craftspeople – Taillardat at your service!

France has always been a byword for sophistication in many realms of human endeavour. One of these was furniture-making, where France led the world for many years, especially in the 18th and early 19th century.

At, you can see a huge range of furniture models inspired by this period in French design history. Taillardat’s craftspeople are experts in the whole spectrum of skills needed to reproduce the glories of the Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency and Empire styles. Specialists in cabinet-making, patina-laying, French polishing, upholstery and gilding – all have come together to create something very special for today’s discerning furniture-lovers.

The Honfleur beechwood chair is an excellent example of Louis XV furniture


The Taillardat collection spans most items of furniture the average house requires – armchairs, sofas, desks, chests of drawers, beds, stools, bedside tables and more.

Perfect for the study or home office, the extensive selection of desks available at will cater to most tastes. They include the ornate ‘Clermont’ model with bronze ornamenting, gold borders and a leather top.

Of course, if you have a desk, you’ll need a chair. One option is the elegant Louis XV inspired design below, the Honfleur.