The flip-book – offering simple, yet ingenious solutions for your company!

The simplest ideas are often the best, and this has proved to be the case with the flip book. Who would have thought that presenting digital content in a way that mimicked the page-turning action of a real book would be so appealing? Of course, the attraction of this format stems from more than this comfortingly traditional element. Have a look at the online brochure creator devised by Webpublication. It’s come a long way from the earliest products, as you’ll see from a glance at its easy-to-use functions and multi-channel capability. Even confirmed technophobes will be able to produce slick looking content in minutes, content that is supplemented by an array of rich media extras. You can really spice up your presentation, catalogue, report or whatever it is you’re producing by adding video, sound, flash animations and HD images. Gone too are the times when with a pdf it was a case of ‘what you see is what you get’. Interactive pdf designs are the order of the day now. They can even be edited from an iPhone, monitored using Google Analytics and password-protected! If it’s a company document, why not add logos and colours from your corporate visual identity?