Produit Intérieur Brut – the up and coming force in interior design!

French style married with classic Scandinavian designs, retro looks and industrial and vintage pieces are what you get when you take a look at The website is a treasure trove for home-owners everywhere, with a huge range of light fittings, tables, chairs and armchairs, chests of drawers, decorative items and other accessories.

Finnish furniture is designed to be both beautiful and user-friendly


One of PIB’s specialities is Scandinavian furniture – and by Scandinavian, we don’t necessarily mean Swedish, as you can see on The Danes have been to the forefront of design for many years, and Denmark has recently seen something of a design revival. Built for practicality as well as beauty, Danish furniture has various sources of inspiration, notably the natural environment, but there is also an identifiable influence from Japan and the Far East. This has led to an emphasis on organic, pared down shapes.

Also to the east of Denmark is its larger Scandinavian cousin, Finland. This country boasts a proud tradition of furniture design, where aesthetics and ergonomics have pride of place, as can be seen in the elegant lines of the chair pictured below.