Flaunt your feet – they’re worth it!Fashion lends a helping hand – to your feet!

Some women overlook the importance of footwear when thinking about their look. Big mistake!That’s unfortunate. You have to aim at hitting the ground running with your choice of footwear, you’ll often find that fashion-wise, everything follows after that. A vital part of every woman’s clothing collection is a fetching set of half boots. The range of choice just keeps on growing with looks ideal for dance floor divas, the trip down to the shops, nattering at the school gates, sophisticated brunches or simply the serious business of looking beautiful. Keep a look out for some retro looks, quirky fabric mixes and buckles galore. Traditional shades including black, slate and taupe are well to the fore as always. That doesn’t mean you can’t try something different. Are you wo(man) enough to try leopardskin look fabric? Or what about sparkling metallic blue? The synthetic fur effect is also in rude health.However, if you’re really after more colourful looks, you really need to look at our range of ladies’ shoes. Nothing beats a pair for dressing up to the nines in. Go on, why not enjoy yourself with some fantastic blends such as black, red and white or bottle green, shocking pink and yellow. Bring extra interest to your heels with rhinestones and pearls or get belted up with buckles, whether large or small.
So, now you’ve got the shoes, what’s your next move?So, what are you going to get to go with your shoes? We tend to pull out all the style stops at this time of year so it’s a sophisticated look we’re trying for. Picking up one or two dresses will get you off to a good start. If you like less bright hues this is your lucky day. Rich saffrons and soothing olives are stand-out favourites even if brighter shades feature in solid colour looks and paired with black, often in the form of stripes, whether broad or slim.