Modatoi’s more than a match for anything winter has in store!

If you’re starting to come down with a case of the wintertime blues, why don’t you check out Modatoi. Now is the time to get serious about looking for winter footwear that can take whatever the weather throws at it. It’s just as well that ladies’ boots are one of the things we do best. Maybe you fancy trying out the Inuit look, with fur linings and fluffy bobbles galore. There are some things you can’t do without in any given season, this year, when it comes to boots, that thing is buckles. You might say the more the merrier, with up to eight to a boot being not uncommon. On top of the buckles, there’s something of a western movie set feel about some designs this year – perhaps it’s the fake snakeskin that does it.
You’ve jumped into Modatoi feet first, but you’ll find they’ve actually got lots more to offer than just shoes and boots. Take Modatoi’s dresses for instance. The flattering lines of the sweater dress are back in vogue in a range of monochrome and multi-coloured designs. In colours, black has burst onto the main stage once more, sometimes on its own, sometimes complemented by subtler shades.