Buck the economic blues with FormForAll’s feature-rich universal form builder!

With the retail climate still not looking particularly rosy, online stores are rightly taking a keen interest in anything that can give them an edge over their competitors or improve their customers’ buying experience. The FormForAll website is definitely a place worth going to if you’re in need of some inspiration about how to give your sales a shot in the arm. Showcasing a wide variety of php and html webforms, this is formbuilding software at its very best. You’re sure to be impressed by the large selection of different pre-defined form fields, as well as options like check boxes, Captchas, double opt-ins, file uploads and the social log-in feature. This is designed to increase form completion rates by letting your clients instantly upload the personal details they’ve already supplied to Facebook or Google+ (e.g. Last name, first name, date of birth etc) onto the FormForAll form or questionnaire. What’s more, these forms are compatible with all web browsers and devices and may be used with CMS such as Drupal and WordPress. Whether you need a simple contact form or a survey-style document, it will definitely be worth your while taking time to have a look at what the finished results look like on http://www.formforall.com/examples.