Snooker – the UK’s gift to world sport?

Although not quite perceived as the quintessentially English game in the way that it once was, in part because of its spread to the four corners of the earth, snooker’s spiritual heart arguably still lies in the British Isles. This is down not just to the continued dominance of British and Irish players at the very highest levels of the sport, but also due to the part played by British companies in supplying the equipment used by these players.  A visit to will show you how UK firms remain at the forefront of what has become a global phenomenon over the past few decades. Riley has a long history in the business of making cue sports equipment, being founded in the last years of the 19th century and turning to table making at the very beginning of the 1900s. Amongst the various models of snooker tables for sale on the site, perhaps the most famous is the Aristocrat Tournament Champion, which was used in World Championship matches for many years. For sheer quality of craftsmanship, it would be hard to beat the Mahogany structure, the precision-cut Italian slate playfield and the painstakingly ‘napped’ cloth of the baize on the Aristocrat!