Snooker equipment manufacturers are getting ready to step into the limelight!

We’ve all heard of the big names in the game of snooker – Stephen Hendry, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ken Doherty, Jimmy White – but what about the big names of the world of snooker equipment manufacturing? Even world-beating companies like Riley, which makes snooker tables and other cue sports equipment, are not as well known as they deserve to be. A glance at Riley’s official website will soon remedy this. It’s packed full of interesting information on the origins of the game and practical tips on how to choose your perfect table. Obviously, the site also features a wide assortment of snooker tables for sale, as well as pool and Russian billiards tables. A good selection of cues may also be purchased online. The different models of table go from the Aristocrat Tournament Champion, which has been the table of choice in many ranking tournaments, including multiple world championship matches, to more affordable models like the Renaissance. There’s no doubt that a good table should be seen as a long-term purchase, something that will bring you years of pleasure. It’s for this reason that Riley will use only the best quality materials in its tables – the finest slate, leather, wood, rubber and cloth.